KRESS Power Tools

Experts in the business have known Kress for over eighty years. Kress stands forpowerful tools, quality and innovative technology even in the third generation.   It doesn't matter whether you are interested in power drills, drywall screwdrivers, or cordless tools... what  counts is power, longevity and efficiency.
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JEI SOLUTIONS - Magnetic Drills

Jancy Engineering Industry, was founded in 1993. The business now boosts a high caliber of excellence as a one stop solutions providers, supporting a diverse metal drilling and fabricating industry. JEI's products are now used in over 30 countries worldwide, supported by its network of international distributors.   JEI Solutions continues to invest in hole-making and metal
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DUAL TOOLS was introduced in 2008 and hundreds of thousands were sold world-wide. Leveraging the success of the original brand, Dual Tools' has extended the award-winning innovation, quality and value to the entire power tool category.   The process is vertically integrated all work from R&D to product design to protoyping to testing is
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